Monday, January 25, 2016

Home Town

I don't know how you feel about Sunday  nights but we can NEVER find anything on TV. Our usual go-to HGTV features Island Hunters all night long and that is so far in fantasy world that I have lost all interest in that show. We have started DVR'ing shows and saving them for Sunday nights to remedy our problem. Last night we watched a few shows but then we watched one and I literally sat on the edge of the couch the entire time. Have y'all watched Home Town?! I was hooked within the first five minutes and have several thoughts on it all...

Home Town is about Erin and Ben who want to revive Laurel, MS and bring character back to old homes. Think of Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper but with a different design twist and is based in MS. Ben looks like a lumber jack and Erin has the cutest hair and is representing for us short-haired girls! You can tell they truly love what they do and have a great time doing it. They love their little town and want others to see the hidden gem that it is. Erin also has a beautiful letter-press wedding invitation business that would make any Southern bride swoon!

Now I love Nashville and I never thought I would love this town as much as I do. You can eat, oh you can eat here, you can travel and truly be a tourist in your own town and I love these things. But honey, if I weren't living in Nashville I would be in South Carolina or Mississippi. I fell in love with MS in 2013 and that state has got a hold on my heart. The people, the smell (pine trees), the brown roads, the slow pace of life, the accents--give me all of it. Home Town is featured in Laurel which just so happens to be the hometown of one of our best law school friends, Will. Will's dad's company did the cabinetry for the home that was renovated. Now listen, this is like playing 6 degrees of separation and I am about ready to introduce myself to Mr. Mark Morgan and see if he can't provide some of his fine cabinets for a future home in Nashville! The cabinets were this light shade of green and I fell head over heels for them. Its different but still so classy and made the kitchen feel warm. You best believe I scoured Pinterest after the episode ended and pinned away! A girl can dream right!

I have a small confession: I am sorta over shiplap. I love Joanna and I think she has an eye for design but I really don't want shiplap in every room. Maybe if we lived in Waco, TX I would do a small section somewhere but you know what..I am good. I like Sheetrock! Again, I love Joanna but every house is starting to feel the same to me but I try to pick out elements from each one that I like and remember those. I think that was what was so refreshing about Home Town was that it was a different designer and she didn't want to stage the home, she wanted them to basically unpack their bags and get ready for dinner. Besides the kitchen cabinets, I loved that Erin and Ben painted the entryway navy and there was white wainscoting. Oh the pop of color with the stark white made a statement! In the dining room, there was a fireplace and they incorporated famous Laurel bricks. I texted Will and asked if he could find me a Laurel brick because as of 8 PM last night, my life would not be complete with out one!

Now in the living room, they had a linen or it could have been white couch. I want one of these so badly because its crisp and clean. However, the practical person would stay absolutely away from this purchase because children, let alone adults, are not clean all the time. However, I am drawn to it every time and think could I pull this off or will I wash white slipcovers the rest of my life?

This was Home Town's pilot episode and I really hope HGTV picks it up. Did any of ya'll watch? If so, what did you think? Are you over shiplap or is it just me? Now excuse me while I go butter up Will's dad and see if he will put us on his books for a future order!

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  1. I meant to set our DVR! I hope I can find it to record... How cool that you are connected to them!